Thought for the future

Thanks to the constellations of satellites, information will soon circulate without limits to the 4 corners of the world. We want to take part in this unprecedented knowledge sharing . We will provide each human who wishes it with the plant architecture best suited to their environment. Contributing to and benefiting from the beauty of nature has never been so easy.

Paris 2050

Contribute to biodiversity

We believe that every square meter on Earth should be managed with biodiversity in mind . Knowing which plants are best suited to your environment and how they will interact requires multidisciplinary scientific expertise. We are developing the technology that will guide you step by step in putting together the best possible plant combination .

Food forest garden

Centralize knowledge

Thanks to Earth observation data, local climate impacting biodiversity can be identified. Our expert 2.0 named Biobio will associate this climate with the best adapted plant species. Constantly improving, it will design rich and autonomous ecosystems for your field, respecting the principles of permaculture.


Be an actor on one's own scale

We want to support anyone wishing to maximize the biodiversity of an area for which they are responsible . If you are interested in this project, do not hesitate to contact us.

Moisture index based on combination of bands (B8A - B11)/(B8A + B11) - Sentinel-2